Mission Volunteers

Mission Volunteers

Good news! Epworth By The Sea has launched a strong new program with an emphasis on missions by arranging mission trip opportunities for people of all ages and abilities.

People are eager to help those in need. They are looking for joy in troubled times. They are finding it through living out their faith by serving those who are suffering. Faith and good works go heart and hand.

"Mission Volunteers" is especially appealing to youth group leaders. A mission trip to Epworth could be the turning point in young lives. Christians are more concerned with meeting the needs of others than accumulating treasures for ourselves.

Epworth staff can help you plan volunteer projects and schedule when given at least 6 weeks advance notice.

When young people observe others in tough situations—widows needing home repairs, families lining up for a free meal or men looking for any chance to work—they learn to approach these times with a right attitude. They learn this by hands-on experience. We guarantee they will begin to seek wisdom from God.

As we gain a new respect for the less fortunate we recognize that our actions should correspond with inward faith. This is the true blessing and eternal value in participating in a "Mission Trip" to Epworth.

Packaging medical supplies for third world countries through MAP International, sorting groceries and stocking shelves for Second Harvest Food Bank, packing and delivering groceries destined for poverty stricken housing areas, sacking oyster shells for reef building and participating in a neighborhood clean up are but a few of the mission projects available.

If your group is interested in participating in "Mission Volunteers" please click the link below to view current "Mission Volunteer Opportunities." Please feel free to give us a call for more detailed information at 912-638-8688 or email epworth@epworthbythesea.org.