Epworth Adventure Challenge Ropes Course

Challenge by Choice: Create an Experience to Inspire, Educate & Entertain Your Group

Experience Epworth's New Aerial Team Course with a Zip-Line!

 What is the Adventure Challenge Course?

What is the Adventure Challenge Course?

Epworth's Ropes Course consists of a number of separate problem solving events and obstacles of various heights and difficulty in an outdoor setting.

Every group and individual is challenged to reach for his or her highest level of achievement. The "perceived" risk creates a powerful experience that will foster personal and team growth.

Who can take part?

Who can take part?

Everyone can participate regardless of physical ability or athletic experience. Whether your focus is youth, civic or corporate, Epworth's "Challenge By Choice" is an ideal foundation for any team-building program.

  • Church Groups:
    We put Christian principles into practice through elements that build healthy spirit, mind and body.
  • School Groups:
    We work closely with school administrators, teachers and group leaders to design a schedule addressing areas of special interest and curriculum needs.
  • Civic/Non-profit:
    We foster teamwork, problem solving and organizational development by meeting the specific needs of each group.

Safety comes first!

The Epworth Adventure Challenge Course is maintained and supervised by experienced, professional, personnel to ensure the safety of each participant. We use state-of-the-art climbing and safety equipment.

 Design Your Group's Agenda:

Design Your Group's Agenda:

Half-Day Programs

  • Low Elements (approximately 3hrs):
    Low elements are obstacles anywhere from a few inches to several feet above the ground, designed so that groups must work together to accomplish the goal. We use a variety of elements and initiatives to meet your group's needs and to ensure a challenging and rewarding day! Our goal is to provide opportunities for growth while having fun.

    The focus is on the team. Facilitators draw on the knowledge and ideas of each member and require both participation and cooperation of the entire group for success.

    The "Team" develops and executes a "plan" to solve a series of problems.
  • Low/High Combination (approximately 3hrs):
    This popular program is a combination of the Low ropes activities and an individual High Element. High Elements are obstacles ranging from 20' to 45' above ground, designed to challenge participants to step outside their comfort zone and exercise their courage! This programs offers each participant an opportunity to challenge themselves on a high obstacle while other team members provide ground support.

    The focus remains on teamwork but provides further emphasis on individual challenges. Participants expand their comfort zone and overcome fears that often block personal development and achievement.

    Team members provide support and encouragement to the "climbers" as they face challenges of varying height and difficulty.
  • Low/Zip Combination (approximately 3hrs):
    This is a combination of our low ropes program and the new Tree House Zip Line. Participants will be challenged to work together as a team to reach success on the Low elements and rewarded with a long ride on our 600' zip line.
  • Half-Day High (2-3hrs):
    This program is High Elements only and combines our new Aerial Team Course with the Tree House Zip. The A.T.C. combines the teamwork typically associated with low ropes with the high ropes experience. Participants work together in small groups to complete several high elements before exiting the course on our 600' zip line.

Full-Day Programs

  • Low Elements (approximately 3hrs):All-Day Ropes (approximately 6hrs):
    This is our classic all-day ropes experience. Participants are challenged to work together on the Low elements, encouraged to step outside their comfort zone on an individual high element, and have an opportunity to ride our 600' long zip line.
  • All-Day Ropes w/ Aerial Team Course (5-6hrs):
    This is the ultimate team building package! This program combines our low ropes challenges with working together at heights on the new A.T.C. Participants exercise their teamwork skills both on the ground and at heights. The program includes a 600' long zip line ride.

Multi-Day programs are available and customized for your group's needs.ALL programs are "Challenge by Choice," meaning you will have an opportunity to determine at what level you choose to participate.

Program Information

Most groups at Epworth By The Sea provide their own retreat programming. Our main goal is to work with you to cater to the particular needs and demands of your group.

 Group Size

Group Size

To obtain the full benefit of the Adventure Challenge Course experience, we require a minimum of 10 participants per group.

If you have a large group, we can work with you to design a program to meet the needs of your group.

Age Requirements

Due to the nature of the Adventure Challenge Course, and the intensity of the focus and attention required, we recommend that participants are no younger than 12 years of age. There is no set maximum age limit. Anyone who is in reasonably good physical health can complete most challenges presented on the ropes course.

Weight Requirements for Zip Line on the Aerial Team Course

Minimum of 65 lbs. and maximum of 265 lbs.

 What to Wear

What to Wear

You should wear comfortable, easy to move in clothing that is weather appropriate. Avoid excessively tight or loose clothing. Large jewelry or accessories should not be worn on the course. Comfortable athletic shoes (and bug spray) are recommended.

Please email peakpursuitsinc@gmail.com for prices, details and booking.